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From Paul Barrs.

Yes, it's as easy as you'd like it to be! Earn 50% of every referred sale. No tricks, no gimmicks. Managed by Clickbank, you're commissions are in SAFE HANDS. When you promote Maximum Success University as an affiliate parter you get the BEST.

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Here's the thing; I believe that in order to truly get the BEST from what you promote, that you must be a USER of that product. Sure, it's not the *only* way to make money online with affiliate marketing, but it's by far the best. Why do you think that al the superstars of today get free products to try out? Because they want them to ENDORSE them!

And I want you to love Maximum Success University as much as I do!

So here's what I'm going to do... Give you a FREE ACCESS PASS to checkout the members area - no strings attached, no "trying to up-sell you", just instant access to the members area to take a look around.


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The Other Stuff -

  • The Maximum Success University affiliate program is managed by
  • This is the primary affiliate link for Maximum Success University:

    Replace the CBID with *YOUR* Clickbank ID. If you don’t yet have a Clickbank ID, click here to get one.

  • Your results are totally dependent on your own efforts. If you send GOOD QUALITY TRAFFIC to Maximum Success University you will have good success. If you send crap traffic, you'll have crap results. It's a simple as that.

  • Once inside the members area you will be able to access additional affiliate resources (we keep those for the serious folks!).

  • Above all else, DON'T SPAM. If you do... we DELETE.


And have fun :)


- Paul Barrs




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