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A personal letter From Paul Barrs,
Founder, Maximum Success University.

First thing's first, you'll notice that this isn't a sales page. It's a letter. It's a letter written for people who want to learn how to work from home and run their own online business. So, if that's you I encourage you to keep reading and see what Maximum Success University has to offer.

Success Online with Paul BarrsWho is Paul Barrs -

Since 1998 I've been working for myself from home. Over the years from then until now I've had incredibly good fortune. I've produced dozens of top selling eBooks, video coaching programs and seminar presentations.

My services as a website design / marketing consultant are in constant hot demand in my local area. Every month I am asked to create custom design training packages for business of all sizes; small business, corporate, and even Government.

In a nutshell, people ask me to do what I am best at for them...
I Teach them how to GET RESULTS ONLINE!

My Goal for you -

So here's my goal for you, my promise; to deliver to you the best possible coaching I possibly can. Yes, everything, no holds barred. I'm literally going to give away the farm to you!

I'm going to give you access to every coaching product and every training program that I have created. I'm going to give you the exact same strategies that I use myself daily to make a full time income working from home and the same that have been used successfully by thousands upon thousands of other business owners around the world.

These are internet marketing strategies that WORK!

What Makes Maximum Success University Different to Other Internet Marketing Membership Sites?

Why do I think it's the BEST internet marketing membership site available?

There are many reasons...
The first thing you'll notice when you become a member of Maximum Success University is that you get access to everything straight away. I'm not going to treat you like a fool and drip the content to you over the next 6 months and pretend that you don't know what I'm doing. You get access to all my coaching programs right up front, right now, from day one.

Once you join, you'll have access to EVERYTHING within minutes!

So, let's take a look inside....

There are seven different levels. The first is what I call the starting point. It's all about understanding what it's like to work from home and work for yourself, to help you with your motivation.

Did you know it's incredibly difficult to stay motivated day in and day out when you're at home working for yourself?
This is a problem I'm going to show you how to overcome. I'll help you with getting started and show you how to evaluate your own skills and abilities, to help you get from where you are now to where you want to be - and get there as fast as possible.

Just in case you're in a situation where you're desperate and you need money right now, I've even got a program just for you to help you take the pressure off... like I said, this is the best internet marketing membership site - I'm going to help you put food on the table while you're working on your dreams!
Plus, I'll help you understand more about the difference between success and failure. I guarantee that once you understand this, this whole "make money online thing" gets a whole lot easier!

The second level is what I call the newbie class. This isn't for everybody because many people will have already learnt this information, but it's there for those who haven’t.

You'll learn the basics of Internet terminology, the web and how it works, as well as the key success principles that apply to all things online. You'll also learn about goal-setting.

Yes, it's incredibly important to set goals and then follow them. More importantly than setting goals, you need to understand how to achieve them.
Just quickly, as a sidebar, my Goal Setting Program alone is one that I sell for more than the cost of three months membership,
and it's yours with your Maximum Success University membership.

In level two, you'll learn basic product research and creation, and how to understand what products people are wanting to buy. Imagine how fast your business could grow if you understood just that ONE THING... What your customers want to buy!

I'll also help you develop a weekly marketing plan that you can follow to set yourself on the super-track path to success. This is what any switched business owner would call a 'must-have' resource.

In Level three we hit the road running with Advanced Product Creation Strategies This is what I call the exciting stuff. This is the stuff that gets me up in the morning.

Product creation strategies… learning what works and what people are looking for is key to success in online business.

I'm also going to give you and share with you my six figure success formula. Just as it's important to understand what success is, it's also important to understand the numbers and how they work.

Did you know that the way in which you price your products is a crucial factor to determining your success or deciding your failure?

I'll help you understand the difference so success is the only option. Then we'll talk more about how to create your content, how to actually produce your products so that your customers want to buy them. And there's a small section just on PLR as well. No, I'm not giving you PLR rubbish. I'm showing you how you can make money by using and/or creating your own PLR products.

The fourth level talks about website design and will begin with one of my most successful coaching programs ever called the website success blueprint. Let me tell you a story of how this came about.
A few years back, I was speaking at a seminar. On the top floor of the hotel where we were staying, there was a pool. Being a swimmer, I'd just finished a number of laps, gotten out, was drying off when I spoke to somebody else nearby. "Are you from the seminar?" I asked. Yes, he said, I'm looking forward to it. What's the thing that you want the most, I asked. And at this time he didn't know me. I wasn't dressed in my business gear. I didn't have my glasses on. He didn't know who I was.
He said to me, "I've read lots of things, I've watched lots of videos, but I don't know how to put it all together and make it work yet."

Website Success BlueprintWell, I took that to heart. I spoke about him in my presentation, and I got home back to my office and created the website success blueprint which shows you how to run an online business and how make it work step by step by step. Then moving on for those who want to just focus on the mini site, the rinse repeat rinse repeat formula, you get access to my $60 mini site mastery program. Yes, again, it's a standalone program that sells for more than three months membership here at MSU. In fact, if I was to add up the value of what I've sold these products for individually, it would probably equal around three to four years monthly membership.

Maximum Success University represents incredible value. I'm not the only one who says it, hundreds of other people have said it's the best internet marketing membership site!

If you want to make a living online with internet marketing, then Paul Barrs is the coach you want standing alongside you. His down to earth approach and straight to the gun style will help you see the truth like no one else can. And from there - the sky is the limit!

Paul has been doing online audio now for nearly ten years and in that time has helped tens of thousands of people learn how to work from home and run their own online business. So if that is what you want to do, then now is the time to listen carefully.

- John Delavera

I'll also give you access to my WordPress web design programs, both my basic and my advanced training programs. I'll teach you about graphics design, enough for you to be able to make small edits yourself even if you've had no experience whatsoever, or enough to understand what others should be doing for you. And then some amazing downloads as a bonus.

Level five we start talking about Internet marketing. And the most important aspect in all Internet and online marketing is creating evergreen cash strategies. That simply means creating products that are not time-dated so that they're in vogue today but outdated tomorrow.
I'll also teach you about your subscriber database and how to communicate with them, how to build your list and how to get results from it.

Then, my favorite, my all time favorite, joint venture marketing strategies. Oh boy, this is where the money is. Have you ever seen those product launches, those ones that make, you know, ten, twenty, a hundred thousand dollars or more in their first weekend? Have a guess how they do it. They do it with affiliate marketing and joint ventures. I'll teach you exactly how so that you can replicate my success and the success of others.

Then we'll learn about webinars. Webinars are incredible marketing strategy. How to make them work for you and for your customers, and to get incredible results at the same time. Finally, at level five I will teach you about how to create a master plan with every new product that you release. I call it your first month master plan. Again, another standalone program worth many times one month's access here at MSU.

Before we move on though, let me just take ONE moment and show you an example of the DETAIL that your're going to learn... Here is an EXACT COPY of the course content in YOUr First Month Master Plan... a step by step 30-day plan to your first month's promotion for your new product.
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Day 01 -
Understanding What's to Come.
Day 02 -
The Bare Knuckle Basics.
Day 03 -
Website Design.
Day 04 -
The Sales Copy Headline.
Day 05 -
The Sales Copy Story.
Day 06 -
Sales Copy and You.
Day 07 -
Stop Points.
Day 08 -
Autoresponders Part 1.
Day 09 -
Autoresponders Part 2.
Day 10 -
Search Engine Strategies.
Day 11 -
Sales Copy Sales.
Day 12 -
Search Engine Submission.
Day 13 -
eZine Marketing.
Day 14 -
Your Plan So Far.
Day 15 -
eZine Advertising.
Day 16 -
Authority Article Marketing.
Day 17 -
Articles and eZines.
Day 18 -
Forum Marketing.
Day 19 -
Joint Venture Marketing.
Day 20 -
The Joint Venture Letter.
Day 21 -
The Joint Venture Partner.
Day 22 -
The Joint Venture eMail.
Day 23 -
Joint Venture Follow up.
Day 24 -
Upsell Marketing.
Day 25 -
Your Affiliate Program.
Day 26 -
Affiliate Program Submissions.
Day 27 -
Free Traffic Bonanza.
Day 28 -
Your Marketing Plan Checklist.
Day 29 -
Backend Profits.
Day 30 -
Your First 3-Months.

Here's what I want you to understand... you're about to enter the Bullshit Free Zone! No hype, no rubbish, no one-click-get-rich crap... as a member at maximum Success University you'll get access to thousands of dollars worth of HIGH QUALITY internet marketing and business strategy training, for just pennies on the dollar! Remeber what I said... the BEST internet marketing membership site!

If you feel you have challenges in your life affecting your Internet Marketing Career, Then Paul is your guy, whose literally been there done that, overcome adversary and got there again and is kicking ass, A real life living example of determination and pushing boundaries to get to where you want to be in life. Paul knows this like few others and his wealth of information can help you duplicate his own success online.

He's your go to guy!

Peter Drew

Level six, we'll talk about traffic. Again, starting with evergreen traffic strategies. Traffic strategies that work now, will work next week, next month, next year.
Yes, there is value in looking at the latest trends, but once you also understand the core principles of people and how people search for things online you can get incredible results.

Next up, SEO. Oh yes, we love that. Search engine optimization and search engine marketing. On-page SEO is one of my core business strategies. I teach this around the country. I teach it to SME's, I teach it to small businesses, microbusiness, and I teach it to corporations. I'm going to give you exactly what I give to others. You want to come to one of my SEO all-day training programs? Be prepared to spend upwards of $500 or more.
Or, you can just join Maximum Success University.

Then we'll talk about more traffic strategies. A whole seminar just on traffic. Then there's the traffic strategies workshop. This is boot camp stuff, getting in dirty and deep on the ground. Then the magic formula how to increase your traffic beyond what you believed was possible.

Now, notice this is level six. A lot of people think traffic is the answer to their problem. No. Here's a quick tip.
More traffic to your website is not the answer to selling your product.
Website TrafficYou need to get the right kind of traffic to your website. That means buyers, not browsers.
I'm not impressed by people who say, "hey I had 100,000 visitors last month". 
I'm impressed by, "hey I had an 8%, a 12%, a 35% conversion ratio browsers to buyers". 
This is how you run an online business. This is how you work from home and make money.

Then finally level seven we talk about social media, a basic understanding.
The quick tips that you can digest and put into action immediately. We'll talk about Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Kindle. I love social media, but it's an incredible time waster if you don't know what you're doing.

That is a snapshot summary of what you get access to immediately on day one as a member of Maximum Success University. It's what I like to call the bullshit-free zone. Yes, no hype, no false promises, no over-the-top marketing strategies. Just clean, simple, and pure basics. Yeah, I know. All of those things that's what I call the basics. Then I do have for you some unannounced bonuses, but that you only get access to to find out when you're a member.

So, here's my final word to you, my call to action. If you want to work from home, if you want to run your own online business you have two choices.
  1. Give Maximum Success University a go. It's only a few dollars a month, plus you have a 60-day money back guarantee. Hey, if you don't like it I don't want you as a customer. I want you to ask me for your money back. That's option one.
  2. Option two is you can go and find something that is more expensive, and you can spend your time having a go. You can do your best, and then when you realize that your best wasn't good enough, because you were given the wrong information, come back and give MSU a go.
I promise you, you will be so happy that you did.

You can become a member right now and get access to everything that you've seen here on this page (yes, and the usualy bonuses that I havn't told you about yet) for just $147.00! Yep, that's NOT a typo... just $147 for complete unrestricted access. No bullshit. No crap-shoot promises....

I will teach you how to run a profitable online business working from home and how to make a FULL TIME INCOME doing it. All it will take from you is just a little bit of effort and a few months of your time. Don't wait... START NOW!!

I've known Paul Barrs since he published his first audio eBook way back in 2002. Since that time his online audio training seminars have literally gone global helping countless thousands of people start their own website businesses.

Yes, it's true that there is an avalanche of stuff these days to help people make money online. But it's also true that Paul's passionate training style is what will help you create your own avalanche and get ahead of the pack mentality - Paul will show you how to stand out from the crowd and get noticed!

If you're serious about working online and building a long-term sustainable business then listen up, Paul Barrs is the man to get you there.

Willie Crawford

Thank you very much. I look forward to seeing you as a member here at Maximum Success University.
Get started today, and I'll see you on the inside.
- Paul Barrs
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