The Internet Marketing Master Class

eBusiness Mastery Seminar
eBusiness Mastery Seminar
20 Videos, 2-day course.

When was the last time you attended one of those Internet Marketing Seminar weekends? How much did it cost you? $1000, $2,000, more? How about the extra costs of accommodations, travel, food and beverages? Don’t forget to factor in the cost of product purchased *at* the seminar....

With the eBusiness Mastery Seminar you get full online access to my $997 weekend Internet Marketing Workshop; choc full of online business plans and strategies to help you take your business to the next level. This seminar is a must-have asset for *any* online business entrepreneur.

Your first 30-days
Your 1st Month Master Plan
30 audios, 30 days.

Your First Month master Plan is a revolutionary audio program split into 30 individual parts, each around 15 mins; once for each day of the new month. The new month where your Internet Business takes its first steps towards 6-figure success.

Be honest with yourself one moment... do you think it’s possible that the reason you struggle is because you really don’t know what you are doing? This program will take you by the hand and walk you step by step every element, every action and every outcome as you learn to create your online master plan.

Traffic Strategies Seminar
eBusiness Mastery Traffic Strategies
6 Videos, one afternoon.

So... do you get all the traffic you want? How much time do you put into SEO? How about Social Networking and all that 2.0 “stuff”. How’s that working for you?

Chances are you wouldn’t be here right now if you were getting all the traffic you could handle, right? Hey, it’s OK. If you’re not getting enough traffic to generate enough business you’re not alone – you’re one of the 95% who also don’t.

The Traffic Strategies Seminar was a vital inclusion to my $997 boot camp weekend. This is the kind of traffic that CAN’T be turned off!

Ezine Success Strategies
Ezine Success Strategies
12 audios, one afternoon.

Ezine Success Strategies is a compilation of audio’s that I put together over a period of time, testing and trailing different ideas sent in by my own subscribers. Eventually I narrowed them down to a top 20... the top 20 ways build a successful Ezine – and whether you publish through a company like Aweber or through your RSS feed... these strategies will bring your success

Though the tools we use might be different, though the websites we reference to may vary; these principles and success strategies will ALWAYS work because they rely on people, they people who buy our products and try our services.

Your First Mega Month
How to Create Your Ever MEGA Month
1 Audio, one hour.

It’s just one hour... it’s just 60 minutes... 3,600 seconds – and in that time I will share with you the beginnings of my own story and how I went from earning just $300 a week to a few years later being able to crack my first $50,000 month.

But don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t happen *every* month. I’m not here to sell you some bullshit story that if you listen to this one hour audio that you’ll walk away a millionaire. Rubbish! But what you *will learn* is how I was able to take simple ideas and simple strategy and APPLY it to my own business to increase my online sales by as much as 250% year after year.


Get more traffic, increase your conversions, and make more money with the Internet Marketing Master Class!

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