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If you want to make a living online with internet marketing, then Paul Barrs is the coach you want standing alongside you. His down to earth approach and straight to the gun style will help you see the truth like no one else can. And from there - the sky is the limit!

Paul has been doing online audio now for nearly ten years and in that time has helped tens of thousands of people learn how to work from home and run their own online business. So if that is what you want to do, then now is the time to listen carefully.

- John Delavera




If you feel you have challenges in your life affecting your Internet Marketing Career, Then Paul is your guy, whose literally been there done that, overcome adversary and got there again and is kicking ass, A real life living example of determination and pushing boundaries to get to where you want to be in life. Paul knows this like few others and his wealth of information can help you duplicate his own success online.

He's your go to guy!

Peter Drew




I've known Paul Barrs since he published his first audio eBook way back in 2002. Since that time his online audio training seminars have literally gone global helping countless thousands of people start their own website businesses.

Yes, it's true that there is an avalanche of stuff these days to help people make money online. But it's also true that Paul's passionate training style is what will help you create your own avalanche and get ahead of the pack mentality - Paul will show you how to stand out from the crowd and get noticed!

If you're serious about working online and building a long-term sustainable business then listen up, Paul Barrs is the man to get you there.

Willie Crawford




I've just been inside this brand new members area of Paul's site and will say one thing:

I've known Paul for years, I know he always delivers great content whether it be physical and/or digital products, although this site takes it to a whole new level!

All I can say is "Run, don't walk" - get inside Paul's membership site - get inside his head - understand his internet mindset - you'll profit exponentially from the implementation of his vast knowledge.

Paul, all I can say is "awesomeness at it's best". Well done mate!

David Cavanagh

David Cavanagh.com




Paul, thank you for showing me "the key" with “How to Create Your First Ever MEGA MONTH“. Your explanation of the 2 parts of "the key" is just brilliant. I never knew about the "glue" that is needed to hold these together. You've really opened my eyes to the real reason why it is crucial for someone to brand their own name and to find and develop their own USP.

“How to Create Your First Ever MEGA MONTH“ has shown me 'the why' and 'the how' to ask the right questions and that is is crucial to my success. But most importantly you explained brilliantly how to shortcut the learning curve and why it is so important to be persistent and to never give up.

I have learned more from this 1 hour presentation than some fluffed up 3 day internet marketing seminar.

- Wentzel Coetzer

Gold Coast Australia.





Paul Barrs’ business strategy helped get me onto Good Morning America program with an audience of over 40 million. He helped me package a marketing DVD program that became a book published in New York (The Power of Positive Profit- Wiley) which led to a career breakthrough for me. He can do it for you too.

Paul is a straight shooting Australian who will do the job properly for you. He produces quality outputs and I can thoroughly recommend you give him a go.

- Graham Foster, Author, Business Consultant and Speaker.

http://www.PacificSeminars.com, Nevada, USA.




For the last two hours I’ve been watching and listening to your Website Success Blueprint. I have just been sitting here and absorbing all you had to teach. Boy I wish I had this information when I first started out.

It would have saved me approximately 18 months off my learning curve. You’ve taken me step by step and held me by the hand through the down and dirty methods for making my website a success.

I just wanted to say that I loved your viral marketing methods video as well as your “Shy Yes” secrets video. Sometimes I wish you wouldn’t share these secrets with everybody.

Thank you Paul for creating this fantastic resource which can take any zero to an online hero.

- Paul Kleinmeulman






I’ve got to say… You’ve created a great product that will no doubt “clear the air” from confusion and allow a person to follow a simple proven system that actually works.

Once again, you’ve over delivered on your promise!

- John Bertone





Hi Paul,

Your Website Success Blueprint is the third product I have purchased from you regarding the building and the running of a website.

Each of your products have built on each other to provide me with the knowledge, skills and confidence to build my own site.

Without doubt Website Success Blueprint is your best product yet, as it both overviews the total picture and at the same time take you step by step through the process using audio and video.

Well done!

- Kym Kirk.





The biggest problem I see is analysis paralysis with so much information available that people don’t have a clue where to go.

You provide an easy-to-follow point-and-click system for anyone starting out with an internet marketing program. The use of audios and videos is outstanding, as not everyone learns strictly from the written word.

And, I’ve gotta tell you, a hidden bonus is simply the ability to study the layout of your program. The flow charts and graphics which lead to your audios and videos made it very clear. If anyone wants to create information products, it’s worth the cost for this alone!

- Debbi Bressler, Editor

The Home Business Review Magazine




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