The Web Design Master Class

eBusiness Mastery Workshop
eBusiness Mastery Workshop
50 videos, 5-day course.

Have you got some existing skills when it comes to web design, but just can't kick it over the hill to convert your web pages into cash?

“Yes?” Then eBusiness Mastery is your salvation – no exaggeration! Watch me every second, every minute adn every step as I turn a blank white web page into a cash converting sales machine that generated $10,000 in it’s first day, $40,000 in it’s first month and nearly half a million dollars in sales in a year!

Working with Wordpress
30 videos, 2-day course.

Want to know how it's possible to turn out an award winning wesbite in just hours instead of days? Want to know how to cash in thousands with the Offline Web-Business Buzz by upgrading tired and out-of-date websites? Then Working with Wordpress is your answer!

This advanced Wordpress course will give you more in one weekend than most have learn in a year. Watch me as I work live on some of my own client websites and do the stuff that most never tell you about.

Mini Site Mastery
Mini Site Mastery
4 Audios, afternoon course.

There’s a simple formula that sells online; Step One – Ask people what they want, Step Two – Give it to them.

It’s guaranteed to work each and every time... IF you stick to the formula. Customers like stuff that is simple.

This ground-breaking audio program will give you the knowledge to create the ultimate sales experience. Mini Site Mastery is a program designed for learning, designed for doing, and designed to help you GET RESULTS.

Website Graphics Design
Project Mini Site Grapics
29 Videos, 1 day course.

Up until recently I had to outsource all my graphics work. My skills were so lame that I didn’t even have the ability to do basic edits. It was costing a fortune. Then I came across “Project Mini Site”, a simple ‘paint-by-numbers’ Photoshop learning program. In just a few hours I learnt how to do what I’d spent years trying to figure out myself.

The Minisite Graphics program will show you how you can start doing all the basics yourself, potentially saving you (or making you) thousands of dollars.

Make Money with Membership Sites
How to Make Money with Membership Sites
6 Videos, afternoon course.

There are two ways to sell products online: the first is to have people buy from you and pay you once; the other is to have people buy from you and pay you again and again, it's the continuity blueprint. Which would you prefer?

It’s incredible! With the right strategies and right ideas you can take any single product and turn it into a fully automated reoccurring membership program – where your customers come back day after day and pay you month after month. This program will show you how.


Learn how to build websites that create cash with the Web Design Master Class; awesome for offline web-work!

Get Instant Access to these 5 programs(and more) NOW... for just $57.00!


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